10 Office Building Amenities To Attract And Retain Tenants

Fitness Centers WIth Nice Machines Are Great Office Building Amenities

10 Office Building Amenities To Attract And Retain Tenants

Great office building amenities are all about offering convenience to tenants. Professionals who work in office settings are typically busy and work long hours. As a result, amenities that make life easier carry significant weight when companies are leasing office space. While different amenities will appeal to different companies, these 10 office building amenities will help any property attract and retain tenants.

1. On-Site Fitness Centers

One of the top office building amenities to attract tenants is a great on-site fitness facility. Offering a space to exercise before, during or after work without having to leave the building will appeal to the vast majority of companies. A fitness center offering the latest exercise and equipment trends is sure to be hit with tenant’s employees as well. This could mean offering equipment like Peloton Bikes or daily fitness class such as Yoga, Pilates or Body Pump. A great fitness should have clean, well appointed locker rooms to match.

2. Easy Dining Options

Since office professionals are usually running between meetings and phone calls all day, going out for lunch is usually not an option. As a result, on-site dining options have become a great amenity. This does not mean properties need a fancy restaurant. A lobby deli offering simple breakfast, lunch and dinner options is usually more than enough. Property managers can also explore cashierless convenience stores that offer pre-made options. Amazon Go is a great example of a-cashierless convenience store that is already open and operating in Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Seattle.

3. Concierge Services

A concierge service, whether it is on-site or remote, is a great amenity for any office building. In an office setting, a concierge can coordinate events and services for tenants or the property as whole. This could mean coordinating a food truck event or scheduling private training sessions at the property’s fitness center.

4. Easy Parking Options

Busy professionals do not want to park blocks from their offices. Offering convenient parking options will appeal to almost any potential resident. If easy parking is not a viable option, consider hiring a valet service and using a nearby lot. This cost can be passed on to tenants and paying for daily parking is the standard in most urban centers.

5. Fast, Reliable WiFi

Office buildings need to offer best in class internet speeds. While every office has WiFi, a strong and reliable connection in every area of the building is crucial to retaining tenants. Employees can not work efficiently if the internet is not keeping them connected. The same goes for cell phone signal strength. Even though most employees will have access to landline phones, most rely on their phones to take calls, exchange text messages and send emails.

6. Electric Car Charging Stations

In line with easy parking options, electric car charging stations are another great office building amenity. The electric vehicle market is projected to exceed 26,000,000 vehicles by 2030, so demand for electric charging stations is only going to increase over the next decade. While the average cost to install an EV charging station is around $6,000, it is worth the investment. To help offset the costs of installing EV charging stations, property managers can explore state and federal tax credits.

7. Outdoor Spaces

Most professionals working in an office setting spend the majority of their day in a work station or office staring into a computer screen. As a result, getting outside, especially during nice weather, is a great change of pace. Offering usable outdoor space is a great way to attract and retain tenants. A patio type space with picnic tables and umbrellas is an easy way to convert an unused courtyard into functioning space. Well appointed rooftop decks are another way to wow potential tenants.

8. Strong Security

A safe and secure office space is a fundamental need for every company, making strong security a great amenity to attract and retain tenants. This could include a front desk with uniformed security officers or a video based remote guarding system. An access control system to enter various floors or areas of the building is another way to make any property safer.

9. Shared Conference Rooms

In many office spaces, building large conference areas is no longer feasible. As a result, shared conference rooms are a great feature to attract and retain tenants. Shared conference rooms should boast free fast WiFi, state of the art audio visual equipment and plenty of comfortable seating.

10. Support Alternative Commuting

Alternative commuting options will vary greatly based on location, but all of them create solutions for tenants who do not drive, walk or take mass transit to work. This could mean a secure space to park bicycles or creating dedicated areas for riding share pickup/drop off and final mile transportation like E-scooters. In cities with bike share programs, property managers could work to get a station set up at their building.

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