4 Roof Coating Questions Answered

Benefits of Commercial Coatings

Is a roof coating right for my property?

Yes is the short answer. Regardless of roof type or age, a roof coating will benefit your property. While every property can benefit from roof coatings, certain properties will find greater benefits. Older properties with large flat roofs, especially ones showing signs they are approaching their useful life, are the best candidates for roof coatings. This, however, does not mean a brand new property won’t benefit from coating their coating.

Can a roof coating prevent roof replacement?

If your property desperately needs a new roof, a coating will not solve your problem. They can, however, extend the useful life of a commercial roof. Roof coatings offer both UV protection and stop the penetration of moisture, which both reduce the expansion and contraction of your roof system. Consequently extending the life of your roofing system. Again, a roof coating is not a substitute for a roof replacement but can go a long way in delaying the inevitable.


What are the benefits of a roof coating?

While there are different benefits for different properties, every property will benefit from a roof coating. Here are six benefits that apply to almost every property:

  • Lowered utility bills
  • Extended roof life
  • Improved building aesthetics
  • Waterproofing and reducing leaks
  • LEED certification eligibility
  • Tax rebates and incentives

For more on these benefits, check out our detailed breakdown on the benefits of commercial roof coatings.


Who installs roof coatings?

Most commercial roofers install roof coatings, and there are even specialty companies that specifically do coatings. You can use the Roof Coating Manufacturers Association directory to find a provider or simply contact the Bid Source team at Property Manager Insider using the form below. Our team will source a qualified local contractor to discuss your roof coating needs at no charge.

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