4 Ways To Increase Apartment Fitness Center Use

Peloton Bikes In Apartment Fitness Center

4 Ways To Increase Apartment Fitness Center Use

While apartment fitness centers are the most common amenity among newer buildings, many residents do not use them. In fact, almost 40% of residents report never using the fitness center. Since fitness centers are an expensive amenity, property managers should maximize their use and appeal. This is especially important for property’s focused on Millennial residents. More than any other demographic, Millennials want experience and community driven amenities. Here are 5 ways property managers can increase apartment fitness center use at their properties.

Offer Professional Instruction

First, property managers should offer instructional workout classes. These are different from fitness classes. An instructional class teaches residents how to use the fitness center. These classes can touch on everything from stretching and lifting techniques to how each piece of equipment should be used. Instructional classes appeal to residents who otherwise might not know how to workout or use the equipment. As a result, these classes are a great way to increase fitness center use.

Property managers should hire a certified outside professional to teach this type of course. The American College of Sports Medicine and the National Academy of Sports Medicine both have directories of licensed trainers.

Add Fitness Classes

While professional instruction is great for beginners, residents already comfortable working out are more likely to use a fitness center that offers fitness classes. This is because fitness classes create a social environment. It is also proven that fitness classes help participants reach fitness goals. One study by Kansas State University shows that people who workout in a group setting with more capable partners increase their workout intensity by up to 200%.

Property managers can source local instructors to teach classes. Popular fitness classes include yoga, body pump, boot camps, step aerobics and more. Another advantage of fitness classes is that they do not always require a fitness center. Some fitness classes just require an open indoor space and minimal equipment. Yoga and step aerobic classes are both great examples of fitness classes that do not require tons of equipment.

Buy Peloton Bikes and Treadmills

Millennial residents are all about interaction, experiences and community. Peloton Bikes deliver this exact type of workout. Not only can spin classes be held at the property, residents can join virtual classes any time. In addition to bikes, Peloton Treadmills are another option that should increase apartment fitness center use.

Peloton equipment is also a major fitness trend. Whenever a property offers the latest amenity trends, it is sure to increase use. This is true not just of fitness center amenities, but amenities overall. At the same time, property managers must recognize apartment amenity trends change. Peloton equipment will not be the trendiest fitness equipment forever. Consequently, property managers should be prepared to update their equipment accordingly.

Health and Wellness Programs

The final tip for increasing fitness center use is combining all of the above into a health and wellness program. This approach transforms the fitness center from a gym into an amenity that offers instruction, groups classes, state of the art equipment and an opportunity for residents to connect and interact. While a health and wellness program obviously focus heavily the fitness center, it can include other activities as well. This could include bringing in nutritionist or dietitian to teach a course on building a healthy eating plan. Another idea is offering cooking classes that teach residents how to prepare that meals from the healthy eating plan.

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