6 Socially Distanced Resident Events For Winter 2021

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Socially Distanced Resident Events For Winter 2021

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, property managers must continue to evolve and be creative when it comes to apartment resident events. Even with the vaccine launching, socially distanced resident events will remain necessary for the foreseeable future. Thankfully, property managers and residents have both adjusted to the new normal of virtual events and video chats.

To help multifamily property managers get a strong start with apartment resident events in 2021, here are 6 socially distanced resident event ideas for winter 2021, broken down into 3 events for January and 3 events for February.

3 Socially Distanced Resident Events for January 2021


Healthy Eating in 2021 Educational Session

While most New Year’s Resolutions fail by January 12th, 2021 can be the year property managers help residents hit their goals. One great way to do this is hiring a nutritionist to lead a virtual education session. A simple 30 to 60 minute session on basic healthy eating habits usually works well. Be sure to include time for a Q&A session after the course.

Property managers can extend this idea to include both virtual cooking classes and virtual fitness instruction. All three of these are popular virtual resident events and bundling them together is an easy way to create multiple socially distanced resident events tied together by the common theme of New Year’s Resolutions.

Snowman Building Contest

Property managers can host a best snowman contest, with residents voting for their favorites via email and Facebook. Unlike virtual resident events that require a computer, this is a great socially distanced outdoor activity in cities that get heavy snowfall. While using real snow is certainly more fun, apartment communities in warmer clients can build their snowmen out of arts and crafts. This event is usually a hit with kids, which also makes it a hit with parents. S

Celebrate International Lego Day

This is another kid oriented resident event idea for January 2021 that is easy for property managers to execute. First, borrow (or buy) a few different Lego sets that residents can use throughout the month to build their own Lego creations. Have residents submit pictures of their creations via email before they return the Lego sets. Then, on the 28th, celebrate International Lego Day by posting all of the pictures into the property’s Facebook Group.


3 Socially Distanced Resident Events for February 2021


Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

This is another great socially distanced resident event for kids, that is also easy to pull off. Property managers can pick up arts and craft supplies to distribute or, to make things easier, order pre-made Valentine’s Day card kits. This kit from Kids Made Modern is only $24.99 and includes enough supplies to make 24 cards. Simply order a few kits and make them available to residents starting in early February.

President’s Day Virtual Trivia Challenge

Since February 15th is President’s Day, it is the perfect time to host a virtual game of presidential trivia. This is an easy event that is both quick and fun. This website has a list of 30 presidential trivia questions and (most importantly) answers. There are also tons of easy to find options online and because presidential trivia can be challenging, property managers should consider using a multiple choice question format for the challenge.

Virtual Wine Tasting for National Drink Wine Day

Celebrate National Drink Wine Day on February 18th by hosting a virtual wine tasting for residents. The easiest way to execute this event is using a company like Traveling Vineyard. They are a turnkey service for both in-home and virtual wine tasting events. This includes selecting the wines, handling payments, shipping them to residents, setting up the virtual tasting, and providing a professional instructor.

While this event can be executed any time, National Drink Wine Day provides a great reason to host it in February. If the event is a hit with residents, property managers can continue to host tastings throughout the year.

Looking for even more ideas for socially distanced resident events? Click here to review our ultimate list of apartment resident events!

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