A Brief Overview Of Valet Trash Services

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A Brief Overview Of Valet Trash Services

While valet trash originated and remains most popular in the south, it is still relatively new in other parts of the country. After recognition as a top multifamily amenity, valet trash service exploded in popularity. Consequently, many new valet trash companies also opened. In turn, marketing of valet trash services to apartment communities also increased.

All of a sudden, property managers unfamiliar with the service were being approached by multiple valet trash companies around the country. To help shed light on the topic, Property Manager Insider put together a brief overview of valet trash services for property managers.

How Does Valet Trash Service Work?

Without an understanding of how valet trash service works, the rest of this article won’t make sense for property managers unfamiliar with the service. In four quick points, here’s a brief overview of valet trash services from an operational standpoint:

  1. Valet trash service providers give branded trash and recycling bins to residents

  3. Residents place bins outside their doors 4 or 5 nights per week in the evening

  5. Trash valets collect trash and recyclables from each resident’s doorstep

  7. Trash valets placed collected waste and recyclables in a dumpster or removed from the property

Those four points cover the basics of valet trash services. While there are typically subtle nuances based on the specific provider and property type, that overview explains the service in a nutshell.

How Much Does Valet Trash Service Cost?

A brief overview of valet trash services would be incomplete without covering valet trash costs. Before getting into the details, property managers should know there are two different costs for valet trash services.

First, there is the cost the valet trash company charges the property manager. While this varies by geographic market, scope of service and property size, it is typically between $8 and $15 per unit per month. A 100 unit property would expect to pay a valet trash company between $800 and $1,500 per month for valet trash services. Most valet trash contracts stipulate that monthly costs are for the entire property, regardless of occupancy.

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Second, there is the cost property managers charge residents for valet trash services. This typically ranges from $25 to $35 per month. The spread is how property managers use valet trash services to monetize their resident’s trash. This blog post covers in detail how valet trash is used to increase net operating income at apartment complexes.

Additional Valet Trash Service Questions


How do property managers benefit from valet trash service? There are numerous benefits of valet trash service. First, they increase net operating. Second, they become a selling point as an amenity to prospective residents. Lastly, properties using valet trash services are cleaner because residents are not hauling garbage to dumpsters, using trash chutes or leaving waste in trash rooms.

Can they service all the properties in a portfolio? This is important to regional managers with multiple properties because hiring multiple providers simply over complicates things. There is no reason to have multiple contracts, prices and vendors to hold accountable for valet trash service because many companies offer nationwide service.

Will they accommodate unique needs at a given property? Student housing properties often need weekend trash collection. Senior living facilities can require collection and removal of medical waste from individual units. These are just two examples of unique valet trash service needs based on property type. When selecting a service, make sure they meet any unique needs.

How do residents benefit from valet trash service? The biggest benefit of valet trash service to residents is eliminating trips to the dumpster or trash room. This is especially true at walk up properties, where a run to the dumpster can mean three flights of stairs followed by a walk across the parking lot. Properties with valet trash are also typically cleaner overall as a result of the service.

Is there any additional information or key points a brief overview of valet trash services should include? If we missed something, please send us an email or post about it in our Facebook Group so we can update this guide!

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