What is an ADA Compliant Parking Space?

ADA Compliant Parking Space Markings

Basic ADA Compliant Parking Space Requirements

ADA compliant parking spaces are required to be at least 8 feet wide and be clearly marked with a sign. They are required to be in an area of the parking lot where there is unobstructed access to the property, typically via a ramp or break in the curb. Current ADA rules require that 1 handicap space be provided for every 25 regular spaces. Vertical clearance on spaces must be at least 98 inches. Finally, all ADA compliant parking spaces must include a visible sign with the bottom at least 5 feet off the ground.

What are van accessible handicap parking spaces?

While handicap spaces are required to be 8 feet wide, many jurisdictions also require that properties offer handicap van accessible spaces. These spaces require an additional 8 feet of space that is specifically marked as an access lane to the property. ADA compliant parking spaces can share an access lane, as depicted below. In certain jurisdictions, van spaces can be 11 feet wide with a 5 foot access lane.
ADA compliant parking space markings on blacktop

Special Property Rules

While the general rules above are a great baseline, there are specific properties with stricter requirements. Medical facilities are often required to have more handicap parking. Outpatient medical facilities are required to designate 10% of patient parking as handicap parking while select rehab centers must designate 20%. If you are unsure what rules and regulations apply to your property, checkout the ADA guidelines.

ADA Compliant Parking Space Signage

ADA compliant parking spaces require special signage. Every spot must be marked with a visible sign that stands at least 5 feet of the ground. Signs must also include the international symbol for accessibility. Van accessible handicap spaces also require their own unique sign that specifically include “Van-Accessible”. When replacing your ADA compliant signage, make sure to check with your sign contractor that your new signs meet ADA requirements.

If you need help at one of your properties ensuring your pavement markings or signage meet ADA standards, contact Property Management Insider and we will find you a local vendor that can make sure your property meets the most current rules and regulations.

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