Apartment Resident Event Ideas For May 2021

American Flag for a Memorial Day Apartment Resident Event

Apartment Resident Event Ideas For May 2021

The month of May holds some pretty fun holidays you will want to celebrate. Start planning early so your residents don’t miss out! If you need some inspiration, take a look at our top apartment resident event ideas for May 2021.

Derby Day Party: Invite residents to dress up as if they were attending the actual Kentucky Derby on May 1st. Provide food and drinks and be sure to include the official drink of the Kentucky Derby, the Mint Julep. You can have the race on in a common area, or if you can, set up a projector and allow residents to watch outdoors.

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta – celebrate on May 5th with a Fiesta-themed party for residents. Serve traditional Mexican food, provide complimentary margaritas, and get a pinata filled with candy for resident’s kids. One important thing to remember is that Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexico defeating the French at the Battle of Puebla, not a celebration of Mexico’s independence. While many people get this confused, Mexico’s independence is celebrated on September 16th.

Mother’s Day Arts and Crafts Party – Most residents will want to spend Mother’s Day with their families, so instead of planning a party on Mother’s Day, set up an event before Mother’s Day where kids can make crafts for their moms. Click here for some fun craft ideas. Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 9th, so plan the craft event for the week of May 3rd.

Memorial Day Celebration – Celebrate Memorial Day with a patriotic-themed cookout. Having the event outdoors will allow people to social distance while mingling. You can also encourage residents to share pictures of loved ones who lost their lives serving our country and honor them by displaying the photos in a common area.

Mays’ “National Day” Celebrations

Every month we highlight “National Days” that make for great apartment resident events and activities. All of these come from the National Day Calendar and are a great reason to have an event or activity for your apartment residents!
Arts and Craft Rocket from an apartment resident event in May

National Space Day on May 7th: This day is meant to educate young people and inspire them to pursue a space-related or science career. Arrange for a professional to come and speak to your younger residents about space. You can also line up space-related crafts such as model rockets. Check out this list of Outerspace crafts to get some ideas.

National Armed Forces Day on May 15th: Organize an event for all residents, honoring those who serve and their families. At this event, you can set up a letter-writing station where residents can write letters to their loved ones. For the residents that don’t personally know anyone serving, there are many organizations that accept cards and letters and distribute them to soldiers.

National Wine Day on May 25th: One way to celebrate is by setting up a wine tasting for your residents. Encourage residents to bring a bottle of their favorite wine and engage in a wine swap with the other residents. You can also provide your residents with information on local wineries and ask those who have visited them to share their experiences.

Looking for additional apartment resident event ideas for May? Click here to view our ongoing collection of apartment resident event ideas!

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