Professional Inspector Providing Commercial Elevator Inspection Services At An Office Property

Understanding Commercial Elevator Inspections

Understanding Commercial Elevator Inspection Services   Any Property manager with an elevator in their building should be familiar with commercial elevator inspections. This is because they are required by law in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. As a result, property managers need a basic understanding of the commercial elevator inspection process, including Read more about Understanding Commercial Elevator Inspections[…]

Class A Office Building Exterior For What Determines Office Building Class Blog On Property Manager Insider

What Determines Office Building Class?

What Determines Office Building Class?   In the commercial real estate industry, office buildings are typically labeled as Class A, B, or C properties. While it is fairly simple to understand a Class A property is better than a Class B or C property, it is less clear what goes into making that determination. That Read more about What Determines Office Building Class?[…]

Corporate Headquarters Building Offering Great Office Building Amenities

10 Office Building Amenities To Attract And Retain Tenants

10 Office Building Amenities To Attract And Retain Tenants   Great office building amenities are all about offering convenience to tenants. Professionals who work in office settings are typically busy and work long hours. As a result, amenities that make life easier carry significant weight when companies are leasing office space. While different amenities will Read more about 10 Office Building Amenities To Attract And Retain Tenants[…]