Person Using Laundry Room Mobile Apps On Smartphone To Control Washing Machine

Benefits of Laundry Room Mobile Apps

Benefits of Laundry Room Mobile Apps   While apartment residents love in-unit laundry equipment, it is simply not a viable option at many multi-family properties. As a result, many properties still offer common area laundry rooms. Consequently, property managers are responsible for delivering a great laundry room experience to residents. One great way to do Read more about Benefits of Laundry Room Mobile Apps[…]

Go Green on road sign with blue sky and sunshine for 9 Green Property Management Initiatives for 2019

9 Green Property Management Initiatives for 2019

9 Green Property Management Initiatives for 2019   Looking for ways to make your property more green in 2019? Want to lower energy consumption and costs? Our list of 9 green property management initiatives for 2019 offers multiple ways to do both. Covering a wide range of green projects including two that are completely free, Read more about 9 Green Property Management Initiatives for 2019[…]

2019 Multifamily Marketing Trends On Chalk Board

2019 Multifamily Marketing Trends

Top 2019 Multifamily Marketing Trends   Looking for ideas on how to better market multifamily properties online in 2019? Need to drive more online traffic, form fills, and calls from prospective residents? You have come to the right place. Below we outline our top 2019 multifamily marketing trends. Trends Boom and Bust Quickly   The Read more about 2019 Multifamily Marketing Trends[…]

Lime Scooters Parked Outside Office Property For Multifamily Properties E-Scooter Policies Blog

Do Multifamily Properties Need E-Scooter Policies?

  Multifamily E-scooter Policies Have you noticed young people zipping around your city on electric scooters? You are not alone. Over the past 12 months, last mile electric scooters have exploded in popularity. While E-scooters are fun to ride, they are creating numerous questions for local governments, businesses, and properties. These include issues with riders Read more about Do Multifamily Properties Need E-Scooter Policies?[…]

Benefits of virtual doormen include safe package delivery to apartment residents

Benefits Of Remote Doorman Services

Remote Doorman Services Exploding in Popularity   The average cost of a traditional 24-hour doorman is $177,000 per year. While this is necessary for luxury properties in major cities, it is not realistic for the majority of multi-family properties. For that reason, the popularity of remote doorman services is exploding. A cost effective alternative, remote Read more about Benefits Of Remote Doorman Services[…]

Multi-Family Property Mobile Apps in Wood Letters On Background

Multi-Family Property Mobile Apps: Worth Investing?

  5 Benefits of Multi-Family Property Mobile Apps   Developing a mobile app for your multi-family property is a major investment with potential costs running well over $10,000. While multi-family property mobile apps are a major investment, they also offer tremendous benefits to both residents and property managers. Here are 5 reasons to consider investing Read more about Multi-Family Property Mobile Apps: Worth Investing?[…]