Multiple Wheeled Trash Bins For Waste Management Audits Blog

What Are Waste Management Audits?

  Understanding Waste Management Audits   While most properties have done energy and utility audits, far less have performed a waste management audit. This is because they are less common and there are far fewer companies that specialize in waste management audits. As a result, property managers are missing great opportunities to make their properties Read more about What Are Waste Management Audits?[…]

Go Green on road sign with blue sky and sunshine for 9 Green Property Management Initiatives for 2019

9 Green Property Management Initiatives for 2019

9 Green Property Management Initiatives for 2019   Looking for ways to make your property more green in 2019? Want to lower energy consumption and costs? Our list of 9 green property management initiatives for 2019 offers multiple ways to do both. Covering a wide range of green projects including two that are completely free, Read more about 9 Green Property Management Initiatives for 2019[…]

Scissors Cutting Power Cord With Money Lowering A Commercial Property's Energy Use

Commercial Real Estate Industry Cutting Energy Consumption

Lowering a Commercial Property’s Energy Use   According to an October 2018 report from the Urban Land Institute, overall energy use by commercial properties is decreasing across three key areas. In addition to a 3.3% reduction in overall energy usage, the report also showed a 3.4% reduction in carbon footprints and a 2.9% reduction in Read more about Commercial Real Estate Industry Cutting Energy Consumption[…]

Utility Meter At Sunset After Review By Utility Bill Processing Company

Understanding Utility Bill Processing

What is utility bill processing? While many property management companies have a bill processing company, they actually lack a true utility bill processor. Most bill processing companies screen bills for irregularities than approve them for payment. While this is beneficial, it fails to identify prior utility bill errors. This is due to traditional processing companies Read more about Understanding Utility Bill Processing[…]