Free Guide: Independent Elevator Companies

Elevator Mechanic Working On Elevator Control Panel Doing Service Work For An Independent Elevator Contractor

Benefits of Independent Elevator Companies

For property managers, there are many benefits to working with an independent elevator company.

Independent elevator contractors generally work on all major brands of elevator equipment, not just a single manufacturer brand. This makes them an easy choice for managers with elevators from multiple manufacturers across their properties looking for a single point of contact for preventative maintenance and repairs.

Unlike the biggest commercial elevator companies, independents typically take on smaller portfolios and even single elevator properties. This is another benefit of hiring an independent elevator company. Additionally, an independent elevator company will provide high levels of customer service and care to smaller accounts that are undervalued or overlooked by major international elevator companies.

Lastly, for property managers, independent elevator companies offer the same scope of service as the major elevator manufacturers. This includes routine maintenance, repairs, cab renovations, and modernizations. Some of the largest independent elevator contractors also manufacturer their own equipment. All in all, there is virtually no difference in the service options between international and independent elevator contractors for property managers.

Free Guide: Independent Elevator Companies


Below property managers can review some of the top independent elevator companies in the country. Property managers can learn more about each company by visiting their website or requesting service directly through Property Manager Insider’s BidSource. Click on any of the links below to jump to the top independent elevator companies in a specific region of the country.

Northeast Independent Elevator Companies


Champion Elevator

Service Region: New York City Metropolitan Area

Keystone Elevator

Service Region: Boston, MA Metropolitan Area

Allied Elevator

Service Region: Philadelphia, PA Metropolitan Area

Bay State Elevator

Service Region: Burlington, VT and Albany, NY Metropolitan Areas

Mid-Atlantic Independent Elevator Companies


Potomac Elevator Company

Service Region: Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area

Southern Elevator

Service Region: North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia

Action Elevator

Service Region: Baltimore, MD Metropolitan Area

Southeast Independent Elevator Companies


Genesis Elevator Company

Service Region: Atlanta, GA Metropolitan Area

Coastal Elevator Services Inc.

Service Region: Miami, FL and Fort Lauderdale, FL Metropolitan Areas

Bagby Elevator Company, Inc.

Service Region: Alabama, Louisiana, and Tennessee

Oracle Elevator

Service Region: Orlando, FL and Tampa, FL Metropolitan Areas

Midwest Independent Elevator Companies


American Hoist & Manlift Inc.

Service Region: Chicago, IL Metropolitan Area

Elevator Service, Inc.

Service Region: Detroit, MI Metropolitan Area

MEI Total Elevator Solutions

Service Region: Minneapolis, MN Metropolitan Area

Murphy Elevator Company

Service Region: Cincinnati, OH and Indianapolis, IN Metropolitan Areas

Gable Elevator

Service Region: Cleveland, OH and Columbus, OH Metropolitan Areas

Southwest Independent Elevator Companies


K&M Elevator

Service Region: Houston, TX and Dallas, TX Metropolitan Areas

AmeriTex Elevator Services

Service Region: San Antonio, TX and Austin, TX Metropolitan Areas

Arizona Elevator Solutions

Service Region: Phoenix, AZ Metropolitan Area

Quality Elevators & Lifts

Service Region: Albuquerque, NM Metropolitan Area

West Coast Independent Elevator Companies


PEAK Elevator

Service Region: Denver, CO Metropolitan Area

Excelsior Elevator

Service Region: Los Angeles, CA Metropolitan Area

All American Elevator Company

Service Region: San Francisco, CA Metropolitan Area

Sturm Elevator, Inc.

Service Region: Portland, OR Metropolitan Area
Website: www.sturmeleavtorcom

Puget Sound Elevator Company

Service Region: Seattle, WA Metropolitan Area

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