Innovative UV Sanitizing Equipment For Commercial Buildings

Woman Using Cleanse Portal To Kill Viruses Is An Example Of Innovative UV Sanitizing Equipment For Commercial Buildings

Innovative UV Sanitizing Equipment For Commercial Buildings

Due to the CoronaVirus pandemic, commercial buildings are facing unprecedented cleaning and disinfecting challenges. While traditional commercial disinfecting techniques are an effective option, they are not always practical. This is because they require special cleaning crews and vacant spaces. Plus, they do not address people coming and going from a property, which is the real cause of the CoronaVirus spreading. Additionally, the novel CoronaVirus is believed to survive for extended periods of time on a variety of surfaces.

According to a recent post from Harvard Medical School, the novel CoronaVirus survives for up to 24 hours on cardboard and 2 to 3 days on plastic and stainless steel. As a result, this can be a major concern for commercial buildings as they continue to reopen.

To help combat these issues, property managers can turn to innovative sanitizing equipment for commercial buildings that use ultra violet rays to effectively kill viruses, pathogens, parasites and bacteria.

UV Cleanse Portals

Properties subject to heavy foot traffic can install Cleanse Portals at entry points. Cleanse Portals use Far-UVC to sanitize and disinfect people as the enter a building. These units look very similar to metal detectors, but deliver a quick dosage of Far-UVC to penetrate and inactivate surface pathogens. People simply pause under the portal and complete a 360 degree turn. The entire process takes about 20 seconds and effectively kills over 90% of contaminates.

These can be installed at entry points to create peace of mind that anyone entering a property has no surface pathogens on their persons or belongings. Click here to learn more about Cleanse Portals for commercial properties.

UV Cleanse Downlights

Just as their name implies, UV Cleanse Downlights are fixtures that create a steady stream of UV rays. Anything or anyone under the Cleanse Downlight will be sanitized. These can be used by flipping a light switch and have numerous applications. One simple way to use a Cleanse Downlight is quickly and effectively sanitizing packages as they are received. Another benefit of UV Cleanse Downlights is the inclusion of LED lighting that also provides general illumination.

Properties that can benefit from UV Cleanse Downlights include manufacturing facilities with assembly lines, medical offices, childcare facilities, schools and assisted and senior living facilities.

UV Cleanse Troffers

Another piece of innovative UV sanitizing equipment for commercial buildings is the Cleanse Troffer. These combine air filtration with UV sanitizing to remove 99.9% of the four common airborne pathogens responsible for most hospital infections. They also combat the novel CoronaVirus.

Similar to the downlights, UV Cleanse Troffers also integrate high quality lighting. While they are sanitizing the air to keep people safe, they are also providing great illumination. This includes circadian rhythm lighting technology. This NASA supported technology creates the proper lighting environment for both daytime and nighttime applications.

UV Cleanse Troffers are a great choice for any property that is concerned about keeping people safe. They can be retrofit into existing spaces or used during tenant improvements and new construction projects.

Benefits of Innovative UV Sanitizing Equipment For Commercial Buildings

For commercial properties, there are numerous benefits to installing utilizing UV sanitizing equipment. First and foremost, UV and Far-UVC have been proven safe for people in near constant low doses. All of this equipment is safe to use and an alternative to chemicals used by traditional commercial disinfecting services.

Second, UV sanitizing equipment provides non-stop protection. This is especially true for any person or item under the UV Cleanse Downlights. There are no disinfecting or cleaning applications that can match this type of constant protection. Even electrostatic disinfecting has a shelf life in commercial facilities.

Lastly, installing UV sanitizing equipment creates peace of mind. Anyone entering a property should feel more comfortable knowing there is advanced UV sanitizing equipment in place to help keep them safe. During these uncertain times, any improvement that makes people feel better about returning to a property, whether it is an office building, retail store, manufacturing plant, hotel, airport or any other property is a major benefit.

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