Multi-Family Property Management Credentials

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NAA Property Management Credentials

The National Apartment Association, or NAA for short, offers 8 property management credentials for professionals in the multi-family housing industry. These credentials cover most aspects of operating a multi-family property. In addition to credentials for property managers, leasing professionals, maintenance technicians, and suppliers, they also offer specialty credentials for low income housing and green properties.

Earning NAA Property Management Credentials

Every NAA credential requires multi-family professionals demonstrate practical work experience, complete online educational courses, and pass an online exam. The process is slightly different for every credential, but all of them will require professional experience and an examination. For specialty credentials, such as the Specialist in Housing Credit Management, there are specific coursework requirements and longer experience requirements.

Benefits of NAA Property Management Credentials

Holding a property management credential from the NAA comes with numerous benefits. In addition to industry wide recognition, credential property managers often earn more than there counterparts. Beyond recognition and increased pay, benefits of holding an NAA property management credential include:

  • 10% savings on all NAA education courses
  • Special discount programs at Home Depot, Lowe’s and FedEx
  • Inclusion in the NAA directory of credentialed property managers
  • Access to special recruiting tools
  • Discounted tuition at Drexel University Online


Certified Apartment Manager Credential

One of the most recognized property management credentials, the Certified Apartment Manager or CAM, is the NAA’s top credential. This credential is designed for career professionals who demonstrate all around multi-family property management skills. This credential requires the skills necessary to maximize investment returns to multi-family property owners. For more on the CAM designation, checkout all the features and benefits on the NAA website.

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