Property Managers and Food Trucks: What You Need To Know

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Property Managers and Food Trucks

Food trucks have boomed in popularity in the U.S. over the last 10 years. While many property managers have likely eaten at a food truck, there is a good chance they have never booked a food truck to visit their property. What they might not realize is food trucks offer a great event opportunity for many different types of properties.

Property Manager Insider’s food truck guide breaks down everything property managers need to know about booking a food truck. This free guide includes the following information:

  • Advantages of Booking Food Trucks
  • Easy Food Truck Booking Solutions
  • Marketing a Food Truck Event
  • Apartment and HOA Food Truck Events
  • Office Park and Corporate Campus Food Truck Events
  • Retail Shopping Center Food Truck Events

Property managers looking to host a well received and successful event at their property should heavily consider booking a food truck. This free guide teaches property managers everything they need to know.

Booking Food Trucks At Your Property

Due to the popularity of food trucks, there are numerous online booking options. One of the largest online booking services for food trucks is Roaming Hunger. They offer online food truck bookings in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Canada plus 11 other countries. If you need to find and book a food truck, they are a great option.

Another option is CityFlavor. They operate in 9 major U.S. cities and offer services specifically to property managers as well. Food Trucks 2 Go is another option. They offer booking service nationwide for over 2,000 food trucks.

If residents suggest a local food truck that is not listed on a booking site, try finding their contact information online via their website or Facebook page. Most are quick to reply to booking information requests.

Marketing Food Trucks At Your Property

It is important that property managers encourage residents to tryout any food trucks coming to the property. Since most food trucks do not charge to visit a property, it is important they generate sales during their visit. If a property does not generate business for a food, it is unlikely they will come back without charging a booking fee.

Property managers should market any food truck events to tenants and residents using email marketing and a property’s Facebook Group. Combining a food truck appearance with another popular event is a great way to gauge their popularity with tenants, employees and residents as well.

Lastly, property managers can ask the food trucks themselves to promote their appearance at a property. This tactic mostly applies to events at retail properties, where anyone can show up. Many food trucks have large followings on social media and some have customer email lists. Having them inform their followers where they will be is a great way to drive traffic.

Advantages of Booking Food Trucks


People Love Food Trucks

People love food trucks. According to IBISWorld, there are more than 23,000 food trucks in the United States. The industry generates of $1B in sales annually and has grown by almost 7% every year for the last five years. Booking a popular food truck will be a hit with tenants, residents and guests at any property.

Food Trucks Eliminate Headaches

Food trucks make things very easy for property managers. This is because they show up ready to serve food and drinks to customers. In addition to food and drinks, food truck service normally includes things like utensils, condiments and napkins. Booking a food truck is truly a headache free option for property managers.

No Booking Fees (Usually)

In most cases, food trucks do not charge booking fees to make an appearance at a property or event. This is especially true if they are guaranteed a certain amount of business. This is a big win for property managers planning an event on a budget. Not only does it provide a great food option,

Food Trucks Offer Variety

For bigger events, property managers can book multiple food trucks. Rather than serving one type of cuisine, property managers can easily offer a variety of choices. By offering more options, property managers can draw bigger crowds to events as well. When booking a variety of food trucks, be sure to include some popular foods such as pizza or tacos.

Apartment Communities and HOA’s

Booking a food truck for an apartment resident event is always a great idea. Property managers can have them visit during an event as an easy food service option or the food truck can be the event.

One easy event is a food truck competition where property managers book multiple local food trucks then let residents vote for their favorite. Property managers can present the winner with a certificate or trophy.

“Food Truck Fridays” is another easy resident event property managers can pull off. Just book a food truck during happy hour time, usually 4PM to 7PM, one Friday per month. Property managers can get residents involved by having them vote between two food trucks each month. Not only does this get residents involved and make it easy for managers to pick a food a truck, it helps ensure the food truck will get

Shopping Centers and Retail Properties

Food trucks are a great option for retail properties that do not have great quick dining options. This is true even if a property has full service sit down restaurants. Food trucks offer quick service, which appeals to shoppers who might not want to sit down for a full meal.

Property managers should not rely on food trucks to provide daily service at a retail property, however. Instead, they can use them as a way to boost property traffic. Organizing a food truck rally, and marketing the event to the shoppers, is a great way to generate additional traffic to the property. This creates a benefit for tenants, who might also market the event to their customers. If there is a planned food truck rally, the food truck themselves are also likely to market the event, hopefully creating even more traffic to the property.

Lastly, retail centers can book food trucks for days like Black Friday, Small Business Saturday or every weekend in December leading up to Christmas. Booking on these dates is a good way to provide shoppers with access to additional quick service dining options. At the same time, these are some of the busiest shopping days of the entire year, so there should be an opportunity for food trucks to make money as well.

Office Parks and Corporate Campuses

Property managers running office parks and corporate campuses can book food trucks to visit during normal lunch hours. While these vary by property and company, booking a food truck from 1130AM to 2PM is usually a safe time frame. Even if a property has a cafeteria, deli, or restaurant on-site, a food truck is still a great option. This is because food trucks offer variety that a corporate cafeteria or lobby deli cannot match.

Another great benefit of scheduling a food truck during lunch is their quick service. According to Tsheets, the average U.S. lunch break is 36 minutes, which is not enough time to go out for a full meal. If food trucks become a hit at a property causing long lines, considering booking more than one.

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