Reputation Management Tools For Multi-Family Property Managers

Reputation Management Tools For Multi-Family Property Managers

Reputation Management Tools For Multi-Family Property Managers

3 Important Areas of Reputation Management

When it comes to managing the online reputation of multi-family housing properties, property managers need to watch three key things: reviews, property information, and social conversations. These are all components of how potential residents will evaluate your property. What do current residents have to say? What are people saying about the property on social media?

For property managers, staying on top of their property’s online reputation can be incredibly challenging and time-consuming. Below we highlight great reputation management tools for multi-family property managers to monitor each key area. Each of these tools is user-friendly, offers great customer support, and costs less than $75 per month!

Reputation Stacker

Want to generate more positive reviews about your multi-family housing property? Look no further than Reputation Stacker. This great, and affordable, software lets property managers ask residents for reviews via email or text message. Property managers can direct recipients to specific review sites and the software only prompts users to give positive feedback to leave a public online review. This is hands down one of the best reputation management tools for multi-family property managers when it comes to driving new online reviews.

Want to see exactly how it works? Checkout this 2:30 minute video:

YEXT Digital Location Management

Correcting inaccurate online business information about your property can be a major challenge with the huge amount of online directories. This is where YEXT becomes an incredibly powerful tool. From a central platform, property managers can publish the right phone number, address, office hours, amenities, pictures, etc. for one or more properties. The software publishes the information to 70+ online directories including major sites such as Google, Facebook, Bing, and YELP.

Unsure how your property is currently listed around the web? Check your property’s listing with YEXT’s scanning tool. It is free to use and generates a useful report that shows your errors on more than 70+ websites.


Online reputation management goes beyond review sites and having the right information listed for your business. Mentions of your property or corporate brand, positive or negative, around the web greatly influence your online reputation. This is where Brand24 comes into play. The software monitors social media sites for mentions of your brand then reports them in a real-time feed. This lets property managers monitor social media conversations about their properties and brand around the web.

Not sure why you need to monitor your social media? Check out this quick video:


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