Using Facebook Groups To Find Commercial Contractors

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Using Facebook Groups To Find Commercial Contractors

While finding great contractors is a challenge for every property manager, Facebook Groups can help make it easier. In fact, using Facebook Groups to find commercial contractors is one of the fastest way to quickly source contractor recommendations. This is because property managers can ask thousands of group members for a recommendation at the same time. These recommendations can be used to source contractors for CapEx projects, minor repairs and service contracts. For property managers who have never used a Facebook Group, the below tutorial teaches how to find, join and use Facebook Groups to find commercial contractors.

Joining Facebook

If you already have a Facebook profile and actively use social media, stop reading and go to the next section!

While it might seem obvious, property managers need a Facebook profile before they can use Facebook Groups to find contractors. Setting up a Facebook profile is both quick and easy. It can also be done from a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Any property managers who need to set up a profile should refer to the Facebook Help Center, which offers great information and guides.

Finding Facebook Groups

The first step to using Facebook Groups to find commercial contractors is finding and joining groups. While users can do this using the mobile app, it is easier on a desktop computer. After signing into Facebook, users just need to locate the search bar at the top of the page. Next, enter keywords relevant to the service you are looking for or the type of property you manage.

Once the keywords are in the search bar, hit Groups in the menu directly under the search bar. This will search for Facebook Groups based on the keywords you entered. This screenshot demonstrates how to do this:

Example of Searching For Property Management Facebook Groups For Using Facebook Groups To Find Commercial Contractors Guide
Next, scroll through the search results for groups relevant to your keywords. To learn more about a particular group, click on it. If it seems relevant right from the search results, property managers can click join to request membership.

Identifying Great Facebook Groups

While there are millions of Facebook Groups, they are not all great places to find contractors. In fact, there are a select few that standout from the rest. The best Facebook Groups for finding commercial contractors will have thousands of members and at least 10 posts per day.

These two metrics are very important because they indicate the group is both large and active. This greatly increases the chances of landing a great recommendation. To help save property managers time, here are a few Facebook Groups Property Manager Insider has already identified:

Just because a group is about property management does not mean it will be great for finding contractor. In fact, some of the best groups are trade specific groups. There are great Facebook Groups for commercial contractors. Consider searching for a group about commercial roofing to seek out a commercial roofing referral.

Facebook Group Recommendations

Using Facebook Groups to find commercial contractors is all about Facebook Recommendations. These simple posts that ask other group members to recommend a commercial contractor. In the screenshot example below, Property Manager Insider is asking group members to recommend a commercial roofer in Boston, MA for flat roof repairs.

Facebook Group Recommendation Example For Finding Commercial Contractors
Other group members respond to a post like the example above by commenting. The comments can tag the Facebook Page of a commercial contractor or simply include contact information. Property managers can then contact a recommended commercial contractor directly or visit their Facebook Page and send them a message.

While using Facebook Groups to find commercial contractors is a great option, it is only one option for property managers. Another great strategy for finding commercial contractors is BidSource, Property Manager Insider’s free tool to help property managers struggling to find vendors. Just fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in touch with a great contractor for your next project!