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Valet Trash Service Locator

Valet trash, or doorstep trash collection, burst onto the scene almost 20 years and has grown in popularity every since. As a result, valet trash providers and franchises popped up all around the country. While many provide great service, many do not. Consequently, many property managers have been burned by valet trash services. To help, Property Manager Insider created its free valet trash service locator.

The service is incredibly easy to use. Just tell the Property Manager Insider team about your property to get connected with a qualified valet service provider in your local market. Ready to find a great valet trash service provider? Click here to try Property Manager Insider’s free valet trash service locator now.

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5 Benefits of Valet Trash Service


1. Increased Net Operating Income

Valet trash is a proven tactic to increase net operating income for any apartment community. Property managers typically pay $8 to $15 per unit for valet trash services. Residents typically pay the community $20 to $30 per month for the service. The difference, or spread, in the valet trash costs generate cash flow directly to the bottom line.

2. Cleaner Communities

Valet trash services make apartment communities cleaner. Resident are not always the most careful about making sure all of their garbage gets into the dumpster. By making sure all of the trash goes into the dumper, trash valets help reduce the amount of scattered litter and trash around the property. Not only does this make an apartment community cleaner, it also boosts its curb appeal.

3. Boost Maintenance Team Efficiency

While maintenance staff is not typically supposed to clean up garbage and dumpster areas, it often falls on their plate. Trash valets eliminate scattered trash and clean dumpster areas on a regular basis. This boosts the efficiency of a property’s maintenance staff by allowing them to spend time on more important needs.

4. Safer Communities

Valet trash services make apartment communities safer by eliminating evening trips to dumpster areas. In addition to eliminating late night trips to the dumpster, valet trash services add another set of eyes and ears to the community. When trash valets are working, their physical presence walking the property is deterring potential crime.

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5. Eliminate Messy Smelly Dumpster Areas

Just because a property has a valet trash service, it does not mean residents won’t dump trash in the dumpster areas. Many valet trash service providers, however, clean and disinfect dumpster areas on a daily or weekly basis. This eliminates messy smelly dumpster areas at most properties.

How Our Valet Trash Service Locator Works

Property Manager Insider’s valet trash service could not be easier to use. Property managers simply provide their contact and property details and our team handles the rest. The service is designed for property managers who are exploring valet trash service for the first time and property managers looking to change providers.

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