What Are Waste Management Audits?

Wokers Performing Waste Management Audits

Understanding Waste Management Audits

While most properties have done energy and utility audits, far less have performed a waste management audit. This is because they are less common and there are far fewer companies that specialize in waste management audits. As a result, property managers are missing great opportunities to make their properties more environmentally friendly and reduce property operating costs. Even better, commercial waste audits are typically free for property managers.

What is a waste management audit?

The first step in a traditional waste audit is analyzing a property’s waste output. Throughout this phase of the audit, a property’s waste is collected and taken to an off site location. Next, the auditors go through the waste and break it down into categories, commonly called waste streams. The primary goal of the audit is identifying recyclable materials entering other waste streams.


Why are waste audits important?

First and foremost, professional waste management audits identify ways to increase a property’s recycling output. As a result, properties can reduce their waste output, which lowers waste management costs. This is because recycling is typically a free service. In addition to lowering waste management costs, any increase in recycling has a positive environmental impact.

Who can benefit from waste management audits?

While any property with a commercial waste management provider can benefit from a waste audit, certain property types will benefit more than others. This is directly related to the amount of recyclables entering the general waste stream and a property’s overall waste output. These commonly include:

  • Multifamily Housing Communities
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Distribution Centers
  • Retail Shopping Centers

Regardless of property type, any properties with high waste output will benefit from an audit.

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