Why Every Shopping Center Needs EV Charging Stations

Shopping Center EV Charging Station


Why Every Shopping Center Needs EV Charging Stations

If your shopping center does not yet have EV charging stations, you should highly consider installing them. Electric Vehicles are the way of the future and they are growing in popularity every day. Don’t let your shopping center become outdated. Instead, embrace the future by adding EV charging stations and reap the benefits.

Benefits of EV Charging Stations for Shopping Centers

Adding any new, big project to your commercial property can be overwhelming. So before you get into the details of installation, cost, maintenance, etc., remind yourself of the benefits an EV charging station offers.

Increase Traffic: People with electric vehicles will actively seek out parking lots with charging stations. After the charging station has drawn them in, they will wait 30 or more minutes for their car to charge. In that time, they will likely shop around, adding to your overall revenue.

Attract Highly Successful Customers: Those who manage shopping centers are always looking for new ways to draw in young, high-income customers. Studies show that the majority of EV owners come from high-income households, making EV charging stations crucial for drawing in those from the coveted demographic.

Earn Incentives for Installing EV Charging Stations: Since electric vehicles are an environmentally conscious form of transportation, promoting their use is often incentivized. Offering EV charging stations on your property can earn rebates and tax credits on both the state and federal levels. Some states offer rebates up to $4,000 per port for level two charging stations. You may also be able to earn an income tax credit that is up to $5,000. Take a look at this breakdown to find out what your state is offering in terms of incentives.

Shopping Center EV Charging Station Installation Costs

The average cost for installing an EV charging station is around $6,000. However, the price can range from $1,000 to $10,000 per station. The exact price is dependent on several factors such as the level of charging station and the time spent on the installation. To get a better idea of what you can expect, check out this article for a more in-depth breakdown of EV charging station installation costs. If you want to know the exact costs to install charging stations at your shopping center or retail property, click here to get put in touch with an EV charging station installer.

How Does The EV Charging Station Installation Process Work?

You have made the decision to install EV charging stations on your property, what now? You will want to start off by contacting an electrical contractor to come take a look at your property. They will work with you and a paving contractor to develop a plan.

Once the plan is devised, the installation process will begin. The electrical team will coordinate with the paving team to install safe, secure charging stations with little disruption to your property. Next comes commissioning. During this step, the contractor will inspect and test every aspect of the project. This process will help you rest easy knowing nothing was missed or incorrect.

Free EV Charging Station Installation Quote

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